Hawai‘i Island Steel GuitarFestival

School Visitation - Kealakehe Elementary School

Alan Akaka, Eric Keawe, and Mālie Lyman visited Kealakehe Elementary School and gave a steel guitar presentation to a large group of students. Students and staff enjoyed learning about and trying out the instrument.

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  • Visitation team member Eric Keawe.
  • Alan Akaka talks about the steel guitar as Mālie Lyman looks on.
  • Erick Keawe giving a musical presentation.
  • A large group of students enjoyed the presentation at Kealakehe Elementary School.
  • Alan Akaka makes a point while students wait to try out the steel guitar under Mālie Lymanʻs supervision.
  • A student seems to be enjoying the steel guitar experience.
  • Alan provides encouragement to another hands-on participant.
  • Mālie Lyman shows a student how to manipulate the slide.
  • This student also appears to be enjoying the steel guitar.
  • Mālie shows another student how to use the slide.
  • The students selected their favorite 2nd grade teacher, Kent Stewart, to try out the steel guitar.
  • 4th grade teacher Jeong Eun Jo also tried out the steel guitar.
  • School principal Nancy Matsukawa says a few words.
  • Alan Akaka with Mālie Lyman and Eric Keawe at the presentation.
  • Eric Keawe.
  • Alan Akaka.
  • Mālie Lyman sang and played her steel guitar.
  • Mālie Lyman
  • Kealakehe Elementary School sign.

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