Hawaii Steel Guitar Festival
Ke Kula Mele Next Gen Steel Guitarists and Musicians

Ke Kula Mele Steel Guitarists and Musicians

The Ke Kula Mele Ensemble comprises Next Generation steel guitarists and backup musicians. All members of the ensemble, led by Kumu Alan Akaka, play multiple instruments. When the Next Generation steel guitarists are not playing the steel guitar, they double up on ukulele.

Because of school and other conflicting activities, not all Next Generation steel guitarists and ensemble musicians appear at all festivals. However, those that do appear represent the group well, and festival guests are always amazed at the abilities of these musicians.

Next Generation Steel Guitarists and musicians range in age from 10 to 19 years old and are accompanied by other adult musicians. The ensemble has appeared at various steel guitar festivals statewide as well as at concerts and in televised appearances.

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