Hawaii Steel Guitar Festival
Hideki Hattori
PC - Hitoshi Uchida

Hideki Hattori

Hideki Hattori is from Tokyo, Japan. He started playing guitar at age 16. While his initial insterests were in rock music, he was drawn in the 1970s to the Hawaiian music of Gabby Pahinui and Atta Isaacs. His first experiences were listening to Gabby Band and Ry Cooder albums.

He has played slack key and steel guitar since the 1990s. He first started on a Weissenborn-style acoustic steel guitar and learned the basics of the Hawaiian steel guitar using the C6 tuning under the guidance of his teacher, Bobby Ingano.

Hideki is a part time musician and plays the steel guitar with various rock, Western Swing, and Hawaiian music bands but his main interest is in Hawaiian music.

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