Hawai'i Steel Guitar Festival

Open Stage

Open stage performances featured steel guitarists from Hawaii, California, and Japan. Ke Kula Mele Next Generation musicians also performed.

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  • Steel guitarist Hideki Hattori with Hitoshi Uchida and Hiroshi Kaneko. THe group is known as ʻʻLos Hawaiianos."
  • Hideki Hattori with Hitoshi Uchida, Hiroshi Kaneko, and Addison Ching.
  • Alexis Tolentino was the open stage emcee.
  • Steel guitarist Noriko Tomita with husband Shuji Tomita. Backup was provided by Alan Akaka, Addison Ching, and Larry Holu.
  • Shuji and Noriko Tomita.
  • Shiju Tomita provided vocal renditions while Noriko complemented him with her steel guitar playing.
  • Steel guitarist Daniel Toft.
  • Kekahuaonaleo (Kahua Cagampang, Kaleo Perry, and Kaleo Kam) were accompanied by Addison Ching on the steel guitar.
  • Kekahuaonaleo provided vocal renditions in three-part harmony.
  • Steel guitarist Dr. Kris Oka from San Francisco.
  • Emcee Alexis with assistant emcee Tai Misailidis.
  • Shirley Holu provided vocals while husband Larry Holu complemented her singing with his steel guitar.
  • Shirley and Larry Holu were accompanied by Alan Akaka and Addison Ching.
  • Shirley and Larry Holu.
  • Mālie Lyman joined in on ʻukulele.
  • Ke Kula Mele Next Generation steel guitarists and musicians.
  • Next Generation musicians Tai Misailidis on U-bass, steel guitarists Pono Fernandez, Joey Misailidis, and Mālie Lyman, with Alan Akaka and Addison Ching. The steel guitarists alternate on ʻukulele when they are not playing their steel guitars.
  • Next Generation U-bass player Tai Misailidis also plays the upright bass in her school orchestra.
  • Next Generation steel guitarist Joey Misailidis.
  • Next Generation steel guitarist Pono Fernandez.
  • Next Generation steel guitarist Mālie Lyman.

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