Hawai'i Steel Guitar Festival

Open Stage

Saturday's Open Stage was the only festival program held outdoors at the Milo Tree venue. Inclement weather forced the evening programs to be moved to indoors locations.

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  • Daniel Toft.
  • Daniel Toft.
  • Shinichi Kakiuchi from Fujumino City, Japan.
  • Shinichi and Kumiko Kakiuchi.
  • Kumiko Kakiuchi.
  • Shinichi and Kumiko Kakiuchi.
  • Mark Alan Mendes from San Diego, California.
  • Mark Alan's playing technique.
  • Mark Alan Mendes with Alan Akaka and Adam Asing.
  • Adam Asing provided bass accompaniment for some open stage musicians.
  • Jack Aldrich from Seattle, Washington. Jack was accompanied by Alan Akaka and Larry Holu.
  • Jack Aldrich with Alan Akaka.
  • Na Lea Nahenahe o Kona - Troy Keoho, Kaleo Perry, and Kaleo Kam, with Addison Ching.
  • Addison Ching.
  • Troy Keoho.
  • Kaleo Kam.
  • Troy Keoho.
  • Kaleo Perry.
  • Pulalilia Hernandez dropped by to share her hula.
  • Pualilia Hernandez.
  • Open stage performances were presented at the hotel's Milo Tree outdoor location.
  • Kris Oka from San Francisco, California, making his performance debut.
  • Kris Oka's playing technique.
  • Students of Ke Kula Mele Hawaii School of Hawaiian Music. From left: Alan Akaka, Tai and Joey Misailidis, Mālie Lyman, Alexis Tolentino, Addison Ching, and Shirley and Larry Holu.
  • Addison Ching playing ''Sand'' as Larry Holu looks on.
  • Shirley Holu.
  • Tai Misailidis and Mālie Lyman with Joey Misailidis in the background.
  • Kumu Alan Akaka.
  • Tai Masailidis on U-bass.
  • Mālie Lyman with Alexis Tolentino and Joey Misailidis.
  • Alexis Tolentino, Joey Misailidis, and Mālie Lyman. All three are also accomplished steel guitarists.
  • Joey Misailidis on the steel guitar with sister Tai on the U-bass.
  • All Ke Kula Mele musicians perform double duty on other instruments. Here steel guitarists Joey and Alexis provide backup for Mālie as she plays the steel.
  • Mālie Lyman.

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