Hawai'i Steel Guitar Festival

Aloha 'Oe

While festival musicians were assembling for the ride to the airport, an impromptu kanikapila developed in the hotels interior courtyard. The kanikapila grew as additional festival musicians joined in.

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  • Bobby Ingano and Adam Asing starting an impromptu kanikapila in the hotel's interior courtyard while waiting for airport transportation.
  • The kanikapila begins to draw a following along with hotel guest George Kuo.
  • The kanikapila is joined by Kaipo Asing and Greg Sardinha, with Shinichi and Kumiko Kakiuchi enjoying the music.
  • Adam Asing retrieves the upright bass from the hotel's cultural center. Ron Tolentino watches on the balcony as Alexis and Andrea Tolentino make their way down the stairs. Kris Oka is also watching.
  • Alexis Tolentino joins in with a hula, while Alan Akaka observes.
  • Andrea Tolentino seizes the opportunity to video the kanikapila and Baby Girl dancing.
  • Alan takes over the bass while Adam takes a break.
  • Slack key guitarist George Kuo.
  • Danny Akaka joins in on the ʻukulele.
  • From the balcony Pomaikaʻi Lyman joins in with vocals and ʻukulele, while Joey Misailidis watches.

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